Indo Nepalese & Nepalese Weave Rugs

Our Indo Nepalese Weave Rugs are made in India 

Our Nepalese Rugs in Nepal


Nepalese Front 

These rugs have a wonderful soft feel. 

If you, like me, spend time sitting on the floor then you will love these rugs.

We have two types of Nepalese weave rugs.

Our normal quality has approx 90,000 knots to a square metre.

Our Fine Nepalese quality has aprox 125,000 knots to a square metre. This is used for designs with tight curves such as Jazz.

A Nepalese rug is hand woven using a rodding method. This leaves the pile showing straight ridges. These ridges can be removed by cutting the pile lower. We however leave them showing as a feature of the type. 

The pile is  then sheared to the correct height. 

We wash the Nepalese rugs to create a sheen.

The pile can be cut to different depths to emphasise design.  The  lines can also be carved (a slight cut used to tidy up the definition between 2 colours).

The wool we use in Indo Nepaleses is 50% best Indian & 50% New Zealand.

The New Zealand gives a lustre & the Indian is more hard wearing.

The rugs made in Nepal use hand spun Tibetan wool.