Hand Knotted

 Traditional Rugs

"Persian" or "Asymmetric" Knot Soumac Weave

These are the standard knots that we use in our hand-made range.

"Persian Knots" (as used in the oriental range)

The vertical thread running through the  carpet is called the warp, and the horizontal the weft. It is these sets of threads that form the basis on which the rug is constructed.

The knot's are then tied individually by hand onto the foundation. The knot's are tied on in rows, hammered down level and then an additional Weft is added to secure the row.

As you can see the way the end of the knot sticks up it is this that creates the pile on the rug.

"Soumac Knots"

The foundation of the rug is the same as the hand knotted, however the weave runs over two or four threads as apposed to one, it is also in one continual thread unless the colour needs to be changed and it is then tied on to the end and continued. 

This rug has no pile because of the way in which the knot is tied continuously, however both sides of the rug can be used to show. To Next Page