Views of the showroom

The idea for the business was born 15 years ago out of frustration at not being able to sell old rugs to clients who were ready and able to buy them, because we could not find the right combination of size, design and colour. All too often we would find the perfect design and colour only to have the wrong size.

This frustration led us to make good quality replicas of old rugs. These rugs are made to order in the clients size, design and colour.

Logistically it is both expensive and extremely difficult to trade in rugs made singularly, expensive because of shipping, dying and administration costs and difficult because large looms do not sit around empty waiting for us to place an order and so we have developed a number of designs organised in collections that we make and carry as stock items. The idea being that if we do not have a custom order for a loom we place a stock order on it and therefore keep both the loom and the skilled weavers. These stock items serve a number of purposes. 

1) They keep costs down by increasing the volume of business at every stage. Dying, shipping etc. 

2) Looms are always at our disposal.

3) Clients can always see the quality of our work. 

4) By giving our weavers regular work increases our stature in India.

5) We have a large variety of designs to show to visiting customers.

We have 12 small workshops Under the supervision of Peter Auckland we have a team of Quality controllers that check every rug. Both Peter and Bill Hill visit the workshops frequently.