Our Wish List

To add 2 more classes to the school for older girls.

To help a girl qualify for university and then to provide her with some form of scholarship.

School Wish List

A Generator.

Money to cover the running costs of the generator.


Khanapur, Jungiganj, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Bhadohi, (U.P.) India

Third Hill & Co Visit Planned For January 2007

Second Hill & Co Visit October 2006

On this trip it was pointed out to me that before any thoughts about computers a generator would have priority and then the money to buy diesel to keep it running. We also have to work with the school to provide some sort of vocational training as it is very unlikely that any of them from the village will get anywhere near a computer.

First Hill & Co Visit January 2006

With hind sight I now realise that I was looking at the school with very western eyes. My first idea was to supply the school with computers.

Sponsored By Hill & Co
Students : 390
Teachers : 10
Staff : 4


After an Indian CARE & FAIR member (Haji Saheb Ali) donated a plot of land for construction, a new building was designed and financed. This school was inaugurated in August 2000. Hill & Co now pay the running costs of the school. We decided that this was a better way of donating to CARE AND FAIR than just contributing to a fund as by concentrating our efforts on 1 school we have a focus. We intend to visit the school as often as possible.

CARE & FAIR - Carpet Trade Against Child Labour is a professional association of the European carpet trade. It was founded in 1995. Our members are fighting the exploitation a children in the carpet production. They are obliged to pay one percent of the value of imported carpet from India, Nepal and Pakistan into a fund. This fund enables CARE & FAIR to finance the projects.





Although they all look very serious while on parade they all burst out in smiles as soon as they had finished.




As an alterative to parades we can think about providing sports equipment: Cricket is the national love. Rounder's, Netball etc




Ideas for vocational Training

Sewing : We must look into treadle sewing machines.

A Better Standard of Animal Husbandry.

A Wider range of Crops to Grow.















Singing and dancing is part of the school curriculum.

Child Labour Policy

We do not deal with producers who employ child labour nor buy any goods which are not guaranteed to have been made without the use of child labour.
No one should be employed of less than the national legal minimum age.
All suppliers undertake to comply fully with all relevant local, national or international laws regulations and obligations with regard to child labour, pollutants and in all other regards.
In addition suppliers are expected to treat employees, subcontractors and all other out workers fairly, honestly and with respect for their basic human rights and dignity.
Hours, pay and working conditions should be better than the legal minimum and at least as good as the locally accepted standard.
Care must be taken to avoid the use of dangerous or polluting materials.
We visit the workshops at regular intervals often unannounced to ensure compliance.